Adult Swim (Ages 15-up)
Specific classes, i.e. water aerobics, swim lesson, swim team, etc., may have exclusive use of certain sections of the pools. Check with the front desk for details.  Ages 12-14 may participate in the group exercise classes under the direct supervision of an adult (age 18 +).  (Children may be present under the direct supervision of a HFC Swim instructor, during swim lessons or swim team practice)

Recreational Swim (All ages)
Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult. If the child is 9- 14; Parents must bring child to lifeguard in order to take a swim test. If the child passes the swim test then the parent may leave the pool area, however, they must remain in the facility. If the child does not pass the swim test the parent must remain in the pool area while the child is swimming.

Farrin Cain, Aquatics Director
(870) 862-5442 Ext. 13
Meagan King, Assistant Aquatics Director
(870)-862-5442 Ext. 40

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